Project Description
The SharePoint Host named Site Collection (HNSC) Creator is a Codeplex Project that allows SharePoint Admins to create HNSC Via a GUI instead of PowerShell. It works with both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012!

How it Works

The SharePoint Host Named Site Collection Creator works in 3 easy steps!

First Step, is choose your Web Application

First Step

Step 2 is looking at the current Site Collections in the Web Application, and clicking the "Create Site Collection Button"

Step 3 is Selecting all the data you want to have. Please note only the URL and Primary Owner are Mandatory. If you want other options, just select the CheckBox of the Property you want to add and enter the information!

After you click the Create Button, the Log box will appear on the right and you will be able to see what's happening. The program might look "non responsive" for a few seconds but don't worry! If you have any  errors, they will also be shown there!  After the Creation of the Site Collection is done, you can click the Restart Button on the Top Right or quite the Application!


It's that Simple! If you want to know exactly what goes into every field, make sure you check the Documentation Section! Don't Hesitate to contact me on twitter at @vladcatrinescu !

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