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The SharePoint 2013 Host Named Site Collection Solution was created based on the SharePoint Host Named Site Collection Creator, but instead of being a Windows Application, it's a SharePoint 2013 farm solution.

It contains almost all the same feature and provides a seamless integration within the SharePoint Central Administration site.


How to use

1. Navigate to the SharePoint Central Administration site. There you should see a new link under Application Managent called Create host named site collection

You can also find a new link in the Application Management page under Site Collections called Create host named site collection

2. These link will bring you to the page to create the host named site collection. Simply fill in the form and click the OK button. This is very similar to the Create Site Collection page.

3. Now you simply have to wait...

4. If everything went fine, you should be redirected to a success page where you will find a link to your new Host Named Site Collection.




IIS home page issue

It is possible that when you navigate to the newly created host named site collection, that you find the IIS home page.

This is because in order to have host named site collection, you need a Web Application that was created without Host Header and on Port 80

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