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The SharePoint Host Named Site Collection Creator is pretty easy to use. However, as with all SharePoint there are some things you have to know and some errors you might get. However don't worry, there is a lot of validation to ensure nothing happens to your server.

First of all, Copy the SharePointHNSC.exe file on your SharePoint Server and run it as an administrator.  First thing you will see is a DropDown including all the WebApplications in your farm, select one then click the "Select Web Application Button"

Now that we selected the Web Application, a list of current Site Collections will appear.

This is only to show you all the Site Collections in the current Web Application. You can now click the Add New Site Collection Button

Now you will have a bunch of Options that will show up. They are all properties of your new Site Collections. The two mandatory ones are "Site Collection URL" and "Site Collection primary Owner".

In the Site Collection URL, you need to enter the URL of the future Site Collection.. for example "http://vlad.vlad.local"

In the Site Collection Primary Owner, you need to enter the main admin of the Site Collection the format domain\username. For example, vlad\sp_admin. 

The next properties are all optional, if you wish to use one, you just need to check the check box next to it's name and a form of Input will appear. 

The Site Collection Name and Site Collection Description are strings. You can enter the Name and Description you wish to give to your Database.

The Site Collection Language is a drop down that will be automatically populated with all the Language Packs you have installed on your farm. You can select the language of your future Site Collection.

The Site collection Template  is a Textbox which accepts the ID of a SharePoint 2013 Template. If you are not sure if the ID, click the "Show Templates" button and a Window with a bunch of Templates and codes will appear.  For example, you have "STS#0 Team Site" , which means if you want a team site, you need to enter "STS#0" in the Texbox!

The Site Collection Secondary Owner is the second default Admin of your Site Collection. It has to be entered in the same format as the Primary Owner. 

The Site Collection Content Database gives you either the option to choose from a drop down of existing Databases in the Web Application.

Or you can check the "Create New Content Database" check box to create a new one!  You will then be asked to enter the new Content Database Name, the Content Database Warning Count and the Content Database Max Count.  One thing you have to make sure is that the Warning count is SMALLER  than the Max Count. 


After you fill all the options, click the Create Button and magic will be done!

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