Project Description

The SharePoint Host named Site Collection (HNSC) Creator is a Codeplex Project that allows SharePoint Admins to create HNSC Via a GUI instead of PowerShell. This project has two ways to be used. One of them is a Windows Forms application that needs no installation, and the second one is a SharePoint 2013 farm solution that plugs in the Central Admin for a native SharePoint experience. If you want to see Screenshots before downloading, don't hesitate to visit the Documentation Section



23 February 2016

Release of the SharePoint 2016 Farm Solution

19 February 2016

New release of the SharePoint 2013 Farm Solution

  • Supports choosing a content database.
  • There is a page to manage host header managed path.
  • We also added 2 scripts to make it easier to install the solution or to update it.
  • Fixed bugs

12 August 2014



 Don't Hesitate to contact me on twitter at @vladcatrinescu if you have any questions! It's the fastest way to get an answer!

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